you might be wondering where the heck I’ve been all winter…

Y’all know I travel. Many times, for weeks at a time. And I’ll get to that explanation.

But first, let me tell you about last week. There I was … just me, a few volunteers and seven teenage boys, totally shredding the gnar in the back bowls of Breckenridge Resort — hucking kickers, plowing through powder, and soaking up every bit of high altitude sunshine possible, for five days straight. No lift lines… no parents to hover over the kids’ shoulders… no stress whatsoever. Just pure, unadulterated joy.

It was one of the most rewarding weeks I’ve ever spent on my full time job as the Executive Director of an international nonprofit called Riding On Insulin. This is, in fact, what I do for a living… my “full time job.” My husband, Sean, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 19, in 2004. Unlike Type 2 Diabetes (or sometimes just “diabetes”), that we hear about in the media, Type 1 (or T1D) is an autoimmune disease with no cure. No diet or exercise regimen can cure it. Essentially, Sean’s pancreas is broken, and can’t deliver to him the life-sustaining hormone called insulin. So Sean — and millions of other kids, teens and adults around the world — have to manually deliver insulin to their bodies with syringes and insulin pumps for the rest of their lives, or until a cure is found. 

As a professional snowboarder, Sean started Riding On Insulin after he was diagnosed to show kids everywhere that they’re not alone, and they can do anything they put their mind to… even learn how to ski and ride with T1D. So flash forward to me incorporating Riding On Insulin in 2010 to be a legitimate nonprofit, and flash forward to today, when our team runs over 20 programs (including our core 1-day ski/snowboard camps for kids) in 4 countries around the world, serving over 500 kids, teens and adults annually, and impacting tens of thousands of people in the T1D community. 

The business not only has its international headquarters here in Whitefish (where myself and two other employees work), but supports two additional employees… one in Wisconsin and one in Toronto, Canada. It’s a tall order running the show with ease and grace, but I’ll tell you what: The team I have working for this organization is the best of the best — and it’s because I get to work with such great people that we’re feeling such a success today. 

And those seven boys, from the beginning of my story? Not only do they live and shred the gnar with T1D, but they were also wearing devices as a part of a clinical trial for a device called the Artificial Pancreas — a system that is set to come out in the next 5 years that will revolutionize the management of this disease and is heralded as the mechanical cure to T1D. Scientists and researchers from around the world are testing this device on sets of kids — and we were fortunate enough to be roped into this on-snow clinical trial. 

Shredding in the name of science? Sure. But even more importantly — shredding with others who are just like them… assuring them, and everyone else in the world that no matter what you live with, or deal with in life, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

So I’ve surely missed being in the studio regularly… but now you know where I spend my time and energy when I’m not sharing time on the mat or in the silk. And if you know any families in our community who could use a T1D network, you know where to send them!

Cheers to empowerment — see you on Monday!

Self Care, continued

Two weeks ago, I felt completely ungrounded — after 9 weeks of travel for my work with Riding On Insulin and some personal adventures mixed in, I was walking around like a zombie, never really getting work done, but thinking I was trying my best.

Turns out, routine is a beautiful thing!

As I told you in my last email, I scheduled an Ayurvedic consultation with Nancy (who also teaches for us!). She gave me some simple steps to help ground my energy, despite being on-the-go. I should note, these are age-old Ayurvedic traditions, so they weren’t invented just to help me. And I’ve been wanting to integrate my essential oils more into my home routine, so this was the perfect excuse.

  1. Oil massage. I laughed at this one when Nancy mentioned it. How in the world would I find time to give myself an oil massage? Let alone every day. We shared some laughter, and Nancy advised that I just start with my feet and some grounding oil in the morning, and in the evening. It couldn’t be so hard, right? Simple foot massage, with a little doTERRA Balance blend in the morning, and Serenity blend in the evening. I’ll tell you this: I now look forward to that 10 minutes I spend on myself in the morning, and again at night. Never did I ever think I’d say that — but I do! It’s a special time that I devote to myself.
  2. Lemon water. I love this one. The instruction was simply to drink warm water with lemon throughout the day, and especially before my coffee in the morning. Nancy calls it, “Lighting the digestive fire.” And so right after I stoke the wood stove in our yurt each morning, I stoke my “digestive fire” with warm lemon water. When I don’t have a lemon around, I just use a few drops of my doTERRA lemon oil in warm water. (Note: all essential oils are not approved for ingestion — but doTERRA does have a few, Lemon included)
  3. Meditation. Still working on this one… but aren’t we all? I try to not be so hard on myself, but rather focusing my breath and attention inward whenever possible. When I have a spare five minutes, I’ll sit in my favorite chair, close my eyes and just breathe. I also find that the oil massage time is a meditative time, too.
  4. Mindful Eating. Simply sitting with my food when it’s time to eat and not doing anything else aside from eating that food. No computer, no phone call. Just me and the plate of food, with the mission to leave my meal (especially a big, fulfilling lunch!) completely satisfied.
  5. Yoga, often! Well this one was easy. We are so fortunate to have so many amazing yoga instructors in our community. Tomorrow, I’m trying out our newest class, PiYo — with Certified Personal Trainer, Aly Toth! Join me at 7am at the Hive for a fast-paced, full-body workout that will leave you sweating and satisfied! 

Simple as that! I’ve got a few weeks under my belt with all this, but I’d love to know what self-care routines you implement at home… please share! 


Confession Time

Me first: I’ve never had a massage. Not once. There’s something about throwing down cold hard cash on my well-being that is so difficult. 

As of late, I’ve been really working on this… I booked an Ayurveda Consult, and am integrating those practices into my daily routine. I had my hair cut and colored at Reecia’s Salon. I’m attending more yoga classes at Yoga Hive. I’m listening to what my body and mind need to function at my most optimal state. 

And you know what? I am a zillion times more productive. I’m on fire, getting things done left and right. Turns out when you give a little to yourself, you get a lot in return. 

Whew. So much to be grateful for… namaste 🙂

Roadblock, schmodeblock.

My best friend, Brit called me earlier this week to check in. We exchanged pleasantries until I abruptly stopped the conversation to confess I had hit a wall. After traveling nearly the entire month of February — to amazing places like Iceland, and running Riding On Insulin camps in 4 states and 2 countries — my creative juices seemed to have dried up. I was at a crossroads with tons of ambition for the future, but zero motivation to make things happen. My brain was literally busting at the seams with things I wanted to accomplish, but it was all so overwhelming that every time I sat down to work… well…. nothing.

Was my business mojo gone for good?

Brit said to me — so matter of fact, “Mollie. You don’t need to worry about taking the most perfect, correct next step. You just need to set your intention, and take a step. Just one. Any one.”

My first reaction was no way could it be that simple. But then my heart warmed to the idea of how such a simple notion — taking one step (any step!) — could get me past the road block, and back on the path to creativity, creation, community, and chasing wild dreams.

And I swear to you — I took a step. Perhaps the smallest one on my to-do list… but that step fired me up, and here I am today… crossing off something I’ve wanted to do for OVER A MONTH NOW: Write to you… we’ll see you on your mat soon.


January 01st, 2016

We made it to 2016, yogis! Today is the first page of the next chapter; the buzz is all about the future. What we’re excited for. Heights we’re reaching for. New businesses we’re looking to start. Who we’re trying to be when we grow up.

Our task for today is the same each year. Set goals, and aim high. Write them down on purpose. Set intentions that make you a teensy bit uncomfortable — and then rise to your own challenge. Shoot to accomplish things that make your heart sing.

But in the same breath, my challenge to you is simple:

Honor where you are right now. 

To get where you are today — January 1st, 2016, you came from somewhere, and learned lessons that have prepared you for your next phase. This moment — this NOW — is worthy of your attention and your gratitude, because in the blink of an eye, it’s gone and you’re onto the next.

Melody Beattie summed this up for me a few days ago in her book “Journey to the Heart,” (as she always does!), and I’d like to share that with you. In a world of Instagram Envy, this reading reminds us to stay grounded and in love with our own life — trusting that the next phase will come at just the right time. Our destiny isn’t a far off idea that we might reach someday… it’s now — today. January 1st, 2016.
How often we search outside of ourselves for some elusive moment, for an experience like someone else is having, for an emotion we’d like to feel but aren’t, at least not right now. How often we long to be somewhere other than where we are, or someone other than who we are. How easy it can be to complain about and regret our past, thinking it’s somehow wrong.

The answer is to fall in love— fall in love with our own life. Our destiny isn’t some far-off moment or something that happens to someone else. Our destiny is taking place right now. It’s been happening all along. Destiny is that mysterious force or energy that magically intertwines with choice, free will, and fate. Let all those elements weave together and create your life.

But know you can help to create it too, by falling in love with your own life. Love all the places you have gone and all the places you will go. Love the lessons you have learned and the way you have learned them.

Most of all, love where you are right now. Because that’s where your destiny lies.
Cheers to a new year… and instead of a searching for a new you, fall in love with who you are right now. And if you want to do some yoga? You know where to find us!

See you on your mat, 

There is no “i” in team.

As I rolled into the airport a few weeks ago, my eyelids were still heavy with sleep. The Delta attendant grabbed my bag and affixed a luggage tag to the handle, and kindly asked to see my ID. As I opened my wallet, dread crept over my body and I froze. 

My ID wasn’t there.

The piece of information that would allow me to get through security, fly on a plane, and rent a car at my destination was sitting in a coat pocket 22 minutes from the airport. 

I called Sean—my husband, who was driving home by this point, as I was trying not to panic. When I told him my dilemma (after a brief interlude of well-deserved wife-shaming) he sped up his pace, and set out to accomplish what would be a miracle. Forty-six minutes later, after a full body pat down and an in-depth search of my carry-on luggage, the TSA officer from the front counter sprinted to me with my ID and I ran to the gate with only minutes to spare before my flight took off.

Luckily, the gate is about 10 steps from the security checkpoint. (I love you, Montana.)

Sitting in my seat, wide awake and pumping with adrenaline, I texted Sean a handful of thank you statements that didn’t do the moment justice. What I really meant to validate was the fact that we make an incredible team. (And on that day, Sean was the shining star. Me? Not so much.) During the times when I need him the most – and even during times when I don’t – Sean is my constant, as I am for him.

And for all the times we want to smack one another, the benefits always outweigh the drawbacks of being on a team and being able to lean on one another during this giant Hunger Games we call life. 

As the holiday season is upon us, I wanted to take a moment to show some gratitude for another incredible team I have the opportunity to lean on this winter. The women who have gathered to teach at Yoga Hive are one of a kind. Or rather, ten of a kind. ​

Alexis, Ayme, Ryan, Cat, Christiane, Caroline, Frances, Nancy, Cyndy and Avis. Some teach more than others — some you may just see subbing from time to time. But as winter sets in and my schedule ramps as the Executive Director of Riding On Insulin—running ski/snowboard camps for kids living with T1D, life and yoga will continue to thrive here at Yoga Hive.

Keep an eye out for our new schedule (starting Dec. 14th), which will include a few new classes, as well as aerial yoga in silk hammocks! We pride ourselves on offering a safe environment for yogis of all abilities—so please feel welcome to attend any and all classes! In fact, I encourage you to take a class with one of the instructors you haven’t met yet. Each with their own style, they bring unique contributions to our community worth your time and your yoga practice. Did I mention free aerial classes next weekend? Pre-register online now to reserve your spot!

So as the holidays set into full swing and the snow (hopefully) starts to fly, look around and have gratitude for the teams in your life. As I recently read in, “The Law of Divine Compensation,” by Marianne Williamson,

​​”The purpose of every relationship is the healing of the world.”
Hugs to you and yours,