Open to the possibilities

Do you ever get crazy ideas? Like, the sort of ideas that have no money/time boundaries and are pure, unrestrained inspiration… that you immediately follow up with, “That’s crazy. I could never pull that off.”

Well what if – for a day – you stopped telling yourself you’re crazy, and opened up to the possibility of actually pulling it off?

I had this crazy idea back in May. I remember it was the week before we opened Columbia Falls. Sean and I were in the car on the way over there, and he made a comment that pinged an idea in my brain. “What if someday I could spread our Yoga Hive community to Kalispell?” Not having opened a second studio, I was already dreaming of a third, and the people and the love we could welcome our Yoga Hive Community. My immediate thought was THAT’S CRAZY! I shoved the idea to the back of my brain, but it continued to resurface as the months went by — each time, thinking to myself: No Mollie, too crazy.

And then during a powerful meditation this fall during the Teacher Training, I was journaling afterward and for no reason other than an urge, I wrote down, “Kalispell studio, next to Nailtopia.” There weren’t any usable commercial properties for lease at the time, but I wrote it down anyway, and didn’t think twice.

Then on the new moon this past December, I decided to set some crazy goals. Like goals for the first quarter that I couldn’t imagine myself accomplishing that quickly… just to see the possibilities – and be open to them. One was to open a Yoga Hive in Kalispell. Not 5 days later, I felt an urge to hop on Craigslist to cruise Kalispell commercial leases, and no joke: The space next to Nailtopia on Main Street Kalispell was available for rent immediately. 

Call me crazy, but I jumped on it. Our grand opening is January 27th (complete with our friends from Lularoe, Sushi from across the street, Kalispell Brewing beer, and discounts on classes and retail!), and I am so excited/proud/nervous/amazed that it’s going to happen! I’m proud to share with you all my New Years Resolution. Sure I have all the same goals of doing more yoga, continuing my self care regimen, taking lots of time to work nights and ski days… but perhaps my biggest goal is to start writing down all the crazy ideas (ALL OF THEM), stop telling myself that they’re crazy, and open to the possibility of taking action when the time is right.

I’m opening to the magic of being in the flow, embracing my creative juices, and letting my freak flag fly. 
In light,

It’s your responsibility.

Raise your hand if you’ve put off self care this week already. Missed a yoga class… rescheduled a hair appointment… didn’t buy that new moisturizer because you can squeeze the last few drops out of your current bottle. 

I’ve been there. Up until recently, I was putting self care on the back burner on a somewhat regular basis. Don’t we all from time to time?

The key — and this is something that really hit home for me during our Yoga Teacher Training back in October — is that self care isn’t just a fun thing to do with our girlfriends at the spa once a year. 

Self-care is our responsibility as women. As men. As moms and dads. As wives and husbands. As human beings. 

To be clear: I’m not suggesting you piddle away all your savings on spa treatments. Rather, the simple act of caring for yourself — even making a ritual out of honoring your morning cup of coffee, without any other distractions — can be extremely powerful, mentally. Self care switches something in your brain for the better, and has the power to shift your entire day, week, month, year.

For me, the biggest change I made a few months ago was not checking ANYTHING on my phone other than turning off an alarm for the first hour of my day. No emails, no Facebook… just routines as they should be, without screen time. It has made a profound impact on my well-being and productivity!

Sending you warm wishes, and a heart-felt namaste,

The art of receiving abundance…

You guys, it’s been a wild month on the homestead, and my husband Sean and I have a lot to be grateful for — our health, our home, our businesses and our family. And with all this thankfulness going on, I want to talk for a moment about the art of receiving abundance. 

I was listening to one of my favorite inspirational podcasts the other day, and the topic was on “Receiving Mode.” Essentially, we get what we ask for — so long as our vibration… our energetic “tuning”… is in alignment, ready to receive what it is we need. 

So many times, when we pray, or ask for help, or admit that we even need help in the first place, we’re asking from a place of scarcity. “I need good health, even though I know I’m not going to get it.” That statement hold a vibration of negativity — and a vibration of scarcity. Instead, try “I need good health to move forward with abundance and integrity with my current career.” Affirmations like this need to hold a vibration that is the SAME vibration of what you need. And when those two things are in alignment with unwavering faith that you are deserving and ready, you are truly in receiving mode… and the abundance flows in.

And this is just an example from my life. Take from it what you need to hear — I’m just so unabashedly happy right now, feeling gratitude and abundance. Maybe you can find some too.

Recently, Sean was told via a rough month of doctor’s visits that after a CT scan, he has a small pulmonary embolism. This small blip on his scan sent our family into a tailspin. PEs are serious business, and if medication like blood thinners enter the picture, especially because he has Lupus, physical activity (namely his career as a professional snowboarder) would be severely altered. Or non-existant. Essentially, life as the Busbys know it would change drastically.

So, I began asking for a miracle. I wrote it down over and over and over. I need Sean to be able to continue snowboarding. Even in moments when I had a hard time believing it was even possible because of that stupid blood clot, I would shake myself and ask, What do you have to lose by trusting in the possibility? I was so ready to receive good news… my vibration was in alignment with the ask. 

Many many doctors appointments, second opinions, and a trip to Baltimore to see the best Lupus doctor in the nation later, we had the CT scan re-read by the team at Johns Hopkins. And wouldn’t you know: Sean got a call yesterday from the doctor to say they DIDN’T SEE ANY BLOOD CLOTS on the scan. Totally clear. The same scan as before — with fresh eyes and a new perspective. 

This faith. This perseverance. This journey. This is yoga, you guys. Call it what you want — coincidence, maybe? Sure. Maybe that word resonates with you. For me? It’s a miracle. It’s a miracle that came after a series of events that must have needed to happen. I believe positive affirmations and receiving mode lead to abundance in our daily lives… what do you have to lose by trying it yourself? 

Write down what you need in a positive way. Believe it can happen. Be open to the various ways it can find you. Watch for signs. Receive abundance. Eye of the storm, baby. I’m right there with you.

Come see us at Yoga Hive this week… revised schedule is below! Cat’s second Advanced Yoga Series workshop is coming up November 30th (join in even if you didn’t attend the first one!), and Andrea’s Courageos Self-Love and Self-Care series begins December 11th! Two amazing opportunities to put YOU first this holiday season. You deserve it!

Happy Thanksgiving,

If [yoga pose] is in your practice…

I’m as guilty as the next yoga teacher. You get to the end of a class and call a pose, and then call 2 or 3 up-level variations for the yogis in the room that want an advanced posture… and I use the phrase “If headstand is in your practice, go there…”

Years ago, that used to bug the heck out of me. When will headstand be in mypractice? How will I know? How will I learn? 

My gut instinct was to follow those questions with a statement: I’ll never be able to do headstand. I’ll never be able to do crow. I’m just not {flexible, coordinated, etc. etc. — a million other adjectives I was “not”} enough. 

Turns out, I was right. Until I wasn’t. 

That’s the key — if you believe you will, you will. Maybe not right away, but if you set your mind to learning a pose, you will. And here’s the secret: it doesn’t matter how “hard” or “technical” the pose is! Literally, set your mind to the goal, approach the goal with an open mind, and WORK. 

And if you’re ready to work on your practice and learn the tips and tricks to some of these advanced postures like headstand and crow, I highly recommend you sign up for Cat’s Advanced Yoga Series, starting THIS WEEK. (More info below)

Baptiste Yoga has a phrase:

“If not now, when?” 

And I love it — it’s a challenge to all of us who come up with excuses or adjectives to explain why not… to flip that on its head. What would happen if we just believed YES. I am. I can. I will.

That’s my challenge to you — and when I return in December, I can’t WAIT to see your progress in your practice!


A turning point

I turned 30 one week ago. It was almost like a “right of passage.” I’m no longer in my twenties. And to be able to say that, and be PROUD of it was a huge moment for me. 

My twenties were a pretty defining decade: graduating college, nabbing (and helping create) my magazine dream job, falling in love, dealing with loss, traveling to 5 continents, starting a nonprofit, re-learning to ski, starting two businesses, owning my first dog, supporting family members with serious health issues, building two of our own houses with my partner in crime, learning how to run cars on waste vegetable oil, and raising chickens, to name a few. Through 99% of those years, I feel like I was fumbling through — albeit successfully — never really knowing who I was and feeling completely confident with that. Don’t get me wrong—I wanted to be confident with myself, my body, my decisions and my life (and I’d created something pretty special for myself, with a husband who loves me) but there was always a concern about what other people thought. What other people could see, and what other people could judge. Never let them see you sweat.

This came to such a head this summer while Sean and I were building our tiny house that it finally (only two weeks ago) dawned on me that my problem was not necessarily confidence issues… but rather, my ability to accept things — and myself — as they are. For real. My willingness to really feel emotions, accept them as they are, and then let them go. (All the things I talk about when I teach yoga!) 

Growing up in the midwest, I was always told “everything’s fine,” or “it will all be OK,” — you just pulled up your bootstraps and did what needed to be done… which is a great way to grow up (God bless my amazing parents). But somewhere along the way, I needed to learn for myself that sometimes, EVERYTHING IS NOT FINE, DAMNIT.

And that’s perfectly OK.

And that doesn’t mean any one person has it harder, or better than any other person and should just shut their mouth and not feel their own pain because honestly? No one talks about the hard stuff. No one knows what anyone else is really going through. No one posts Instagram photos of the arguments, the screenshot of your bank account down to pennies, of your family members’ diagnosis day… or when your dog decides to have diarrhea in the shape of the Hawaiian Islands on your carpet. (That last one may or may not be a bit fresh in my memory.) 

This act — this ability to internalize life, analyze/feel/be vulnerable in all its glory with the ones you trust and love, and then decide to move forward in a way that serves you… THAT. IS. YOGA. I feel that through yoga, I’ve been given this incredible tool for my body, mind and spirit that will allow me to ascend any mountain, solve any problem, and muddle through any strange situation that’s thrown at me. Sure, there will be bumps… and sometimes diarrhea. But you know what? That’s what life is all about. And now that I’m 30? I think I finally understand how that works. 

And to really kick off my fourth decade on Earth, I’m so excited about our 200 hour training coming up in just TWO WEEKS. Whether yogis are wanting to teach, or just wanting to deepen an understanding of the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of yoga, this training is going to be an incredible experience.

And now I’m speaking to you. Yes, YOU. If you’ve been questioning your worthiness for an opportunity like this (like I did, in my twenties), I’m here to tell you that as a 30-year-old, I’m not losing any sleep or time on decisions that can be positively life changing. I’m going with my gut — using my brain to assist, of course — and pursuing the things in life that feel good. And this training? Ohhhhh, its good. (Click here to just get on with it and register already!) If you need to talk it through and hear someone tell you how amazing you are, text me. Call me. Literally, here is my personal cell phone number you guys: (406) 314-8667. This is the real deal. I’ve got your back on this one.

Sending lots of love to you all this weekend. Enjoy the changing of the season. Enjoy your friends and family — hold them dear. And I am (after a looooong hiatus from the studio) looking forward to seeing so many of you on your mat next week.


Psst… your Bad Wolf is showing.

I have had three people tell me in the past few weeks that taking a Yoga Teacher Training is on their bucket list. THREE! And when I asked each of them if they intend on taking our 200 hour training/immersion this October, the answers varied. Two were an instant yes… and the third was questioning whether it was the right time for her.

As I inquired further, a technique I read in Baron Baptiste’s book, “Being of Power” came to mind. (Great book, highly recommended!) As the topic of the teacher training was fresh, I asked her to sit down and write down her worries, complaints and negative thoughts about the situation — any and all running in the background of her mind. No judgement, no filter. These thoughts are the “Bad Wolf.” The survival mind, as Baron calls it. It says, “No, not ever possible. I can’t change this — it’s just how things are. I can’t deal with this. I am not worthy of this.” As she wrote, I reminded her that she’s listening not to empower those thoughts, but to separate so that she can begin to dissolve them.

Next, she wrote down any positive thoughts welling up in her subconscious. The “Good Wolf.” The part of us that often gets shut down because we’re taught somewhere along the way that happiness takes work… that worthiness is earned… that you can’t have it all because that’s not possible. It says, “Yes, go for it. I am ready. I am worthy. I can do this, even if I don’t know if it’s the right moment. Game on.” The inner sense assures us of our intuition, even if all outward signs point to no. This voice has energy and aliveness, expansive and peaceful, even amidst the fear lingering from the first part.

This exercise allows us to separate out which part of us — Good Wolf or Bad Wolf — is “talking” in a given situation, and which one is listening. At any given time, we are able to empower either one to take the reigns. It’s all about recognizing the situation for what it is, and having control over who’s in charge. (And if you ask me, Good Wolf is my favorite friend to have along for the ride!)

In the end, she decided to take the leap. Good Wolf wins… no turning back!

If this resonates with you and your own bucket list, I’d love to schedule time to chat with you about the infinite possibilities that a 200 hour teacher training can provide… AND, I’m so excited to announce that our early bird pricing has been EXTENDED to August 1st! This October is going to be a whirlwind — we would love for you to join us.

Other fun things — this Sunday I’m teaching at Walking Lightly Ranch. Come join us for yoga and a pot luck in one of the most tranquil places in the valley! Details here. Also, we have another mala making workshop at the Whitefish Studio on August 1st… sign up on the app or online schedule, and you’ll want to reserve your spot soon — space is limited!

Have a great week, filled with sunshine, rainbows and all the happy things in life!

Yo. Life. Can you let me breathe for a minute?

My business coach called me earlier this week, and asked me how I’ve been.

“Meh. Things are OK…” I replied tentatively.

She inquired further, and I launched into a story of how exhausted I am from this project my husband Sean and I have taken on this summer: Building a Tiny House. It has been consuming our every motion, breath and dollar… and I explained how I felt guilty for giving so much attention to that project, and not more to the other parts of my life, my relationships, and my work. We’re on a tight deadline to finish, and I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

After yammering for a few minutes (like I am right now), I mentioned I was confused as to why I even used that answer… told that long sob story. Truly, life is good — life is GREAT. We’re building a freaking Tiny House with our bare hands! Why am I putting out energy on a lower vibration?

She said, “Mollie – I’m hearing that you’re depleted. Physically, emotionally, spiritually… it’s not bad. It just is. When you’re depleted for one reason or another, you can’t help but answer from a place of lower vibration — and that is a place you’re not used to being. Which is why it feels off.”

And then she asked me how meditation has been going. (Which is the part where I skirted the question until I admitted I hadn’t made time… at all!) She reminded me that being depleted takes me completely out of my rhythm; Meditation is one of the greatest ways (along with yoga) to elevate my energy, and to return to a higher, more positive vibration.

Although I still can’t see that light at the end of the tunnel, I’m here to tell you that we all have moments of depletion. Perhaps you (like me) have a huge project on your lap that’s throwing you a curve ball, or you’ve had a constant stream of visitors in town because the world loves northwest Montana in the summer. Routines are off, and your vibration gets wobbly. 

Join me in accomplishing my goal of taking 10 minutes in the morning, and 10 minutes in the evening for meditation. Even if it’s just sitting still and being aware of breath, that simple act for myself — WITH myself — will effectively raise my vibration back where it belongs.

Are you with me?

Love and light,

Are you ready to make a Mala at the workshop Wednesday night?

… or are you still trying to figure out what the heck a Mala is?!

Allow me to elaborate. Malas are meditation necklaces/talismans that have been used in conjunction with yoga for many many many years. Comprised of 108 beads, I’ve read that the number 1 stands for the Universe — your highest truth and connection to what you believe in beyond this earth; 0 stands for emptiness and humility in spiritual practice; and 8 stands for infinity and timelessness. As the maker ties each knot between each bead, he/she ties his/her intention into that knot — therefore sealing one’s own journey directly into the talisman. Plus, each stone means something particular — we have a whole bunch of stones to choose from that will suit your purpose and goals.

Perhaps the coolest part about mala making is when it breaks. Yes, I said WHEN. Eventually, whether it’s months or years later, a mala will break — and while our instinct is to mourn our beautiful work of art, it’s actually time for celebration! When a mala necklace breaks, it’s a sign that one’s intention has been served, and it’s time to cut each bead off and make a new mala.

Isn’t that a beautiful metaphor for life? 

Just when we think we’re broken — at a crossroads — rock bottom, that is the most powerful time for transformation, recreation and rebirth. Malas are a physical reminder of the cycle of life…

So are you ready to set an intention for a new phase in your life? Join me Wednesday night (TOMORROW! June 29th) in Columbia Falls for Mala Making from 7:15-9pm. $35 for 12-month members, and $45 for all other yogis. I would absolutely love to teach you this ancient art… feel free to bring a snack/drink — we’ll make it fun night!
See you there,

New beginnings…

At Sunday’s workshop, Gail was carefully tying knots to make her Mala (a meditation talisman with 108 beads and knots in between every one), setting an intention with each knot.

All of a sudden, she gasped. “I broke it!” she cried, a hint of devastation in her voice.

We all looked at each other and realized that sure enough, Gail’s extremely tough thread for the mala had split! We reminded ourselves that when a mala breaks, it’s not a sad occasion. In fact, when a mala breaks, it’s a reason to CELEBRATE. The intention that was set by tying each of 108 knots (or in Gail’s case, about 20 knots) served its purpose. 

“What the heck was your intention, Gail?” I laughed. She smiled and replied, “New beginnings.”

Gail’s ability to realize her intention was quicker than she anticipated — she’ll be making a new mala now with a new intention… a new beginning, indeed.

New beginnings are all around us — change is on the horizon in every direction, if we choose to let it into our lives. With Columbia Falls’ location opening in just a few weeks (ahhh!), the Yoga Hive team is prepping the location and the schedule to be a fabulous addition to the valley. 

Thank you in advance!

I’m about to reveal a big secret

When I decided to open a yoga studio, the idea was exciting and daunting — at the same time. I didn’t have a degree in studio management, I was a relatively new yoga teacher and I hadn’t even considered the fact that I didn’t have a ton of time on my hands to make it all happen. 

But what I did know is that it felt good. As in yoga when we bow our head to our heart, I surrendered my brain’s “reasoning” to my heart’s desire — and with the power of intention, I took one step at a time. (Many times through complete darkness!)

And look at what we’ve created today: A welcoming studio with a second location in Columbia Falls set to open on May 19th (606 Nucleus Ave.!) — both of which have changed, and will continue to change people’s outlook on their physical fitness and body awareness, and empowering our community to live meditative, mindful and purposeful lives.  

The outcome didn’t happen as a result of me knowing a whole bunch of stuff about running a yoga studio. It happened because I set my intention and attention on it. 

The fact is — and here’s the big secret: No one really knows what they’re doing. 

In business… in life… probably in parenting, too (although my experience goes as far as a Weimaraner and a Border Collie Mix — so I’ll leave it to you moms and dads to nod/shake your heads to this one). No one really knows what to expect or how to prepare for everything. Sure we gain useful experience with the first biz or the first dog. We learn from mistakes and listen to mentors. But at the start, we’re just like everyone else who has ever fumbled through an obstacle. We have no clue what we’re doing. 

And that precious fact is what keeps me moving forward, pushing boundaries, taking risks, and pursuing every single passion and goal that my husband, Sean and I have in life. 

If you’re like me, and enjoy setting intentions for future goals (or perhaps you’d like to start!), join me at our Mala Making workshop on May 1st from 3:30-5:30! Commonly strung with 108 beads, Malas serve as meditative talismans with each bead representing a repetition of a mantra or intention. Making your own Mala infuses YOUR energy into the beads and encourages you to have a Mindful Experience in connection to the Power of Intention… we only have 15 spots available at the workshop, $45/person ($40 for YH Monthly Members!) covers all your beads and materials — first come first serve! (Can’t make it on Sunday? Reply to this email to schedule a quick tutorial with me this week so you can still register and make your mala at home!)

Cheers to venturing into the unknown with intention,