A community that cares.

My life’s purpose is creating tribe — surrounding myself with supportive friends, clients and colleagues in all aspects of life because lets be honest: Life is easier when you’re not alone. My essential oil journey began 

working hard to connect our growing team online, including a members-only Facebook Group, members-only Instagram board, in-person + recorded events in Montana, in-person events at our sister studio, Yoga Hive Colorado, and my latest creation: The e-newsletter you’re reading! Although this first email is pretty informational, my aim moving forward is to treat this as I would any blog post or Yoga Hive email, and fill it with inspiration! DoTERRA has given my family relief from physical ailments, broken down emotional barriers in my life and work, provided a growing revenue stream for my family, and the best part? I’ve been able to meet and develop friendships with remarkable people around the world.

In my view, that list is reason enough to spread the love!

The Facebook group and Instagram page are specifically for members, and members enjoy FREE entry to all in-person events and Aroma Flow classes at participating studios. If you’re not a member of our tribe, we’d still love for you to participate! Events and Aroma Flow Classes are available at a small fee at Yoga Hive Montana, Yoga Hive Colorado (and soon at Wildflower Society in Lakeside, Montana!). 

If you’re interested in becoming a doTERRA member for just $35, you’ll get access to all our exclusive education (most in-person events are recorded and available online!), free classes, support from our friendly team, and doTERRA oils at 25% off—with no minimum ordering requirement ever! Simply click the big red button below, and I would love to personally set up a one-on-one video call to get you started!

Thanks for coming along on this journey! 
In light,
Mollie Busby​

​Option 2: Build a Business

The decision to become a Wellness Advocate and build a business around doTERRA wasn’t something I wrapped my head around right away. It took three years, and a search for the most motivating team to support my process, and inspire me to succeed. But I’m proud to say I’ve completely come full circle and feel so fortunate to be working with some of the most genuine, abundant, supportive women as a part of my doTERRA business. 

Interested in joining our team?

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