Meet Mollie

Writer, yoga teacher, dog mom, backcountry skier, world traveler, and lover of all things business, Mollie has been empowering leaders and coaching others through experiential education and yoga since 2004. 

The nonprofit she started alongside her husband, Sean, called Riding On Insulinserves hundreds of kids with Type 1 diabetes every year around the world through action sports. Mollie’s Yoga Studio collective, called Yoga Hive is known for making yoga and yoga teacher trainings inclusive and dynamic within the communities it serves. She personally owns three locations in Northwest Montana, and licenses the brand to a Yoga Hive Colorado owner, Blaine Wilkes in Louisville, Colorado.

Mollie and Sean have been featured on HGTV and the DIY network for their off the grid homestead in northwest Montana, where they live with their three dogs (Daisy, Glacier and Powder) chickens, ducks, and one turkey named Dustin.

When Mollie isn’t working part time for Riding On Insulin, or running Yoga Hive, she provides clarity consulting to entrepreneurs around the country in both one-on-one sessions and group settings and workshops. Whether lending her expertise on starting a side-hustle, managing all the irons in the fire, or scaling a business from zero to 100 — Mollie’s varied experience in her career, her passion for yoga and meditation, and her curriculum based on the books by Danielle Laporte fuels her perspective and knowledge. She aims to usher clients from overwhelm to contentment. 

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More about Mollie’s businesses…

Yoga Hive—like the bumblebee—represents spirituality, celebration and community. Just as the bumblebee visits a hive to store nourishment and cultivate a family, our communities congregate at Yoga Hive in the same way. Through various styles of yoga, Yoga Hive nourishes minds, strengthens bodies, and deepens souls through guided yoga practice and meditation. The Hive strives to provide classes suitable for all bodies, ages, abilities and budgets. Members span generations and contribute to the cultivation of a supportive yoga family.

We believe that just as the bumblebee is a pollinator of many flowers, our movement at Yoga Hive represents the interconnectedness of our yogis, the community we serve, and the world. By moving together, embracing inclusion, and grounding ourselves, we are improving our own physical and mental well-being, while empowering one another to take grace and goodness from the mat, into our lives as messengers of light, love and service.

Mollie founded the first Yoga Hive in Whitefish, Montana in June of 2015. The second studio was born in Columbia Falls, Montana in May of 2016, and Kalispell in January of 2017. Fitness entrepreneur Blaine Wilkes opened the first licensed Yoga Hive outside Montana in Louisville Colorado in October 2017 — and the fun continues from there!

The Busby Hive

​Founded by Mollie and her husband Sean, The Busby Hive is rooted on a foundation of practicing what we teach—making it a priority to thrive through healthy lifestyle and simple abundance, experiencing cultures around the world, and creating sustainable, life-fulfilling businesses focused on success from a place of service.
We’ve been featured on Goal Zero’s En Route for our off-grid yurt, on HGTV’s House Hunters Off Grid, and DIY Network’s Building Off Grid: Tiny House on a Lake (which you can watch below!).

Instill resilience in those facing chronic diseases.

Riding On Insulin empowers, activates and connects the global diabetes community through shared experience and action sports. In addition to establishing a comfortable environment, we strive to help families explore new passions, challenge T1D, and celebrate each other’s successes. 

Founded by pro snowboarder Sean Busby in 2004, ROI was born out of Sean’s desire to give back to kids who inspired him to keep snowboarding after his own complicated diagnosis of type 1 diabetes at age 19 — an autoimmune disease with no cure. After Sean and Mollie fell in love in 2010, Mollie incorporated Riding On Insulin an a 501c3 nonprofit, and serves as its Executive Director till 2017. Today, Sean serves in the role as ED, while Mollie works in a supportive, part-time role with the company. It serves over 450+ kids and teens around the world, showing them that anything is possible, despite T1D!