Beauty Below the Surface

If you’ve been following along on The Busby Hive, Sean and I recently relocated for part of the year to Alaska. Although I’ll be back and forth between Montana and Alaska, Sean will be spending 8+ months living in our off-grid cabin in Fritz Creek. Here’s the blog post where I told the story of why the heck we’re doing this.

I got here last week, and while my days are spent managing Yoga Hive Montana, planning for the future of Yoga Hive Studios, and building our doTERRA team, I’m excited to attend some yoga classes and workshops in Homer as a student! It’s force of habit for me to start weaving a web of connection wherever I go… it’s part of the fabric of who I am—I crave it. Sean knows the deal: I won’t move anywhere without confidence that I’ll have a community to be a part of.

During the three years I lived in middle-of-nowhere Utah, my community became my best friend, Brittany Hopkins (who I credit for getting me into yoga in the first place!). In Montana, my community became my own studio, Yoga Hive Montana. In Alaska, I have confidence that my community is here… it’s a matter of getting slightly uncomfortable (which leads to becoming comfortable in the long run) and putting myself out there. My continual search for depth of connection in small towns, plus my love for yoga, are the reasons I started Yoga Hive Studios in the first place. My “Yoga Hive” in Alaska starts with discovery and connection over the next month.

In honor of all the feels, I went beach combing last week and made a message in the rocks… beauty below the surface. ✨Can you see it?!✨

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