Soul vitamins and rip cords

It all came to a head on Sunday, as I tried to get a grip on life. In the past few weeks, I’ve encountered so many (too many!) situations where I’ve needed my A-game in mental toughness. Awkward confrontations, speaking my truth, owning up to costly mistakes… you know. The whole back and forth of owning/running a small business.

And this might come as a surprise (or not!): It’s exhausting!

… and exhilarating.

… and expensive.

… and rewarding.

But the truth? This isn’t about the business. This is about me… and how I’m learning, growing and becoming a bigger, brighter version of myself. And sometimes… change is hard. 

So how do I get out of my own “funk”?

My first unconscious instinct is to retreat to Facebook or Instagram and scroll myself into a comatose state. Until I realize what I’m doing (30+ minutes later). And then I just feel bad for wasting my own time. Like the hand-smack-forehead emoji girl. Still waiting for some sort of app or shock collar I can use to train myself NOT to go there!

Then it’s onto my massive library of inspirational books, journaling, and internet courses… getting little nuggets of direction from all my favorite authors and business leaders. But even then, it’s hard to stay afloat swimming in other people’s opinions… and the books, journaling prompts and podcasts. 

So really. How do I get back to ME?

Turns out there is one nugget that set me back on course. My rip cord (which we all know ends with a parachute). An “emergency button” that I know will allow me to reset the system. Control—Alt—Delete. 

In The Fire Starter Sessions, Danielle Laporte writes about Comfort Zoning… setting yourself up for success when the going gets tough so you know what your soul vitamins are. Your bridge over troubled water. Your own personal Ghostbusters to call when you can’t get yourself straight. 

I found my list yesterday THANK GOODNESS, and yes… I have no shame in admitting that right below #1) Meditation, is #2) Sweet Peaks ice cream cone. And because I had already done my meditation Sunday morning, it was onto Option #2. Thank you, Mountain Mint/Salty Caramel Single Split on a Waffle Cone. 

Just being in that Comfort Zone helped get my system back on track, and helped me feel a little more myself when the world around me was steeped in chaos.

Feeling the same? Reach out to me here, and I’ll send you a copy of the worksheet I use.

In light,

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