Mondays with Mollie: Myths About Yoga, Week 1

Mondays with Mollie are back—at least for today 🙂 And I want to break down something fun I asked my Facebook community about recently:


Totally respectable question, right? Yoga is this new-agey thing that I know a lot of people are intimidated by — at one point in my life, that was me. After my first class ever, I swore I’d never go back to yoga. I was late to class, had to be in the front of the room, kept craning my neck around to see what the heck everyone was doing, and then the instructor (a white-haired older gentleman who I’d never met before) gave me a physical adjustment that I was NOT interested in.

Yeah. Never going back.

But serendipitously, I was reintroduced to yoga by my best friend Brittany ONLY because I was desperately trying to be her friend when I first moved out west, and that’s what she loved doing so I went along. I haven’t looked back since… thanks Brit!

This week, Monday’s with Mollie is all about the most common concern I heard… what I’m calling the most common myth about yoga:

Myth #1: It’s embarrassing not knowing anything about yoga because the rest of the people in the class are judging me as a beginner.

So what’s the truth? Watch my first YouTube upload below to find out my take! If you have other questions or concerns for next week, hit me up in the comments — I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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