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I am so inspired by this Yoga Journal article written by my friend, Lauren Walker. Lauren is an author and the creative mastermind behind Energy Medicine Yoga. She writes about her love for nutritious raw fats, her body image, and her internal struggle before having photos taken for her latest book, The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription.

Lauren writes, “I struggled seriously for a day or two, wondering if I should do a big cleanse, try to slim down, work out more. I’m in good shape—strong, with a healthy breath capacity, flexible enough to do Handstands and Bow Pose, and resilient enough to keep healthy as I travel around the world teaching yoga. But that’s different from camera-ready.”

After hemming and hawing, she ultimately came back to the reason she wrote her book, the method that she shares, and the fact that perhaps the hardest pose is yoga is believing that we are enough

I will repeat it in all caps, because it’s so true, and important:


She goes on, “So I lifted my shirt and bared my bear belly—round, ripply, stretch-marked, and soft—and took the pictures that show how to strengthen your core. Not how to get six-pack abs, but how to get strong, centered, and real underneath all of it.”

Hallelujah, girlfriend! 

I’m having photos taken for our latest edition of the Yoga Hive 200 Hour Teacher Training Manual tomorrow afternoon, and the thoughts running through my head are the same. And its a teensy bit comforting (ok. REALLY comforting) to know that I’m not alone in these insecurities  — we all have them. If it’s not our body, it’s our intellect, our stamina, our abundance… whatever.

So my fellow humans, once again it comes back to the fact that we are all in this human experience together. And today? I’m just going to say to Lauren, Thank you. From one yogi to another, thank you for being so real on such a public platform. 

In light,

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