Ideas are funny…

When people say things like, “That’s my idea,” I think SureBut all the ideas that led to your idea were not your ideas, right? I see the world more like a collective consciousness of ideas, one building on the next. And that’s how I like to think of Yoga Hive’s beginning.
I came up with the desire to start a yoga studio with unique qualities and offerings – but the “yoga studio” idea wasn’t unique. Other yoga studios primed the pump, fostering a desire for yoga in the Flathead Valley long before I did. My husband, Sean offered up the name Yoga Hive. Wheelie Creative custom crafted the logo. A few seasoned yoga teachers took a chance on the new studio and agreed to teach. I worked with multiple business coaches throughout different phases, who ultimately prepared me to coach my own clients today.
It took a village back in June 2010 when we opened, and it still takes a village today.
You guys, I want Yoga Hive to be around for as long as these communities need what we offer. I have so many investors of time, creativity, energy and trust to thank for where we’re at today. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this for two years, building a community of students and teachers alike which I am immensely proud. I lowered my prices when we opened Columbia Falls because I didn’t want cost to be a factor between coming in and not coming in to Yoga Hive. Since then, I’ve tried my hardest to keep things low, while still investing in our space.
On another note: I don’t believe anyone should have to prioritize something before yoga if they need it. Sure, there are choices. Some people would rather pay for a $2.88 kombucha every day ($86/mo.) rather than spend $69/mo. on a yoga membership. If that’s your choice, then I have zero judgement. (And I love kombucha, so I get it.)
It’s when times get tough, and we aren’t able to prioritize yoga at the top — that is when true yoga begins.
So. After careful consideration with the goal of long term viability for Yoga Hive, we will be raising prices and simplifying packages in the coming weeks, coinciding with our move in Whitefish to 126 Central. 

Along with that, we launched a Pay It Forward Program today that is open to anyone. If you’re committed, honest, and truly wanting to have yoga in your life, who am I to stop you? If our new rates don’t work for you (or if our current rates don’t work for you) there is a form available here where you can tell us what commitment works in your budget. Together, we will agree on terms that work. I understand firsthand that every dollar counts.
And for those who are willing to commit a little more to their membership each month because of the value they find in their yoga practice, and in turn, this entire yoga community, I say thank you. We all say thank you. Your commitment helps us make more commitments to those recipients who will ultimately pay it forward.
The Yoga Hive community belongs to all of us, because it truly wouldn’t exist without the people in it! Not really sure how this is going to go, but like all things Yoga Hive… we’ll try it out and I’m sure you’ll tell me if we need a shift!
In light,

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