It’s in the stars…

Anyone else feel like the walls are closing in around here?! Just as I was feeling super peaceful this winter, everything became restless — over and over and over again. Turns out it’s all in the stars.

Ever since the October Teacher Training, I’ve been infatuated by Vedic Astrology. It’s not your run-of-the-mill horoscope — it’s based on the exact date, time, and location you were born. Not to mention, the position of the stars and planets at any given moment can influence our day-to-day lives.

If you don’t spend your days nerding out on astrology (like me!), perhaps you resonate with the fact that the last month has been chaotic. We are being pushed to “do the work.” Live our yoga. We are being pushed into having crucial conversations. Pushed to look inward and stand in our power, and stand in our truth. Pushed to make space in our lives for what’s next… for the path we’re meant to take. If we don’t do the work and push it aside? Well… who knows. It could be a rough road. 

For me, the last month I’ve been pushed to handle conflict head-on, both within myself, and with people in my world. Some crucial conversations ended in vibrant partnership — some ended with a kumbaya phone call — some just ended and I’m left scratching my head, like what just happened? In one instance… my inner desire to figure out my love/hate relationship with food arose without my even realizing it during Andrea’s last self-care workshop at Yoga Hive. I’d been unconsciously wishing for a way to figure out how to manage a busy travel schedule AND make time for nourishing food — and voila! A conversation led to an ah-ha moment where I realized it was time for me to get some coaching to accomplish my goals.

So if you’re experiencing any of the chaos like me, take a moment this week to just breathe. If you feel tension in a conversation or through email… just breathe. Know that if you’re getting triggered, it may be a signal to deal with something once and for all. But above all, just notice. Maybe journal. Take a walk and get a new perspective. Better yet… get to your yoga mat! You know I’ll be doing the same. 

In light,

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