Open to the possibilities

Do you ever get crazy ideas? Like, the sort of ideas that have no money/time boundaries and are pure, unrestrained inspiration… that you immediately follow up with, “That’s crazy. I could never pull that off.”

Well what if – for a day – you stopped telling yourself you’re crazy, and opened up to the possibility of actually pulling it off?

I had this crazy idea back in May. I remember it was the week before we opened Columbia Falls. Sean and I were in the car on the way over there, and he made a comment that pinged an idea in my brain. “What if someday I could spread our Yoga Hive community to Kalispell?” Not having opened a second studio, I was already dreaming of a third, and the people and the love we could welcome our Yoga Hive Community. My immediate thought was THAT’S CRAZY! I shoved the idea to the back of my brain, but it continued to resurface as the months went by — each time, thinking to myself: No Mollie, too crazy.

And then during a powerful meditation this fall during the Teacher Training, I was journaling afterward and for no reason other than an urge, I wrote down, “Kalispell studio, next to Nailtopia.” There weren’t any usable commercial properties for lease at the time, but I wrote it down anyway, and didn’t think twice.

Then on the new moon this past December, I decided to set some crazy goals. Like goals for the first quarter that I couldn’t imagine myself accomplishing that quickly… just to see the possibilities – and be open to them. One was to open a Yoga Hive in Kalispell. Not 5 days later, I felt an urge to hop on Craigslist to cruise Kalispell commercial leases, and no joke: The space next to Nailtopia on Main Street Kalispell was available for rent immediately. 

Call me crazy, but I jumped on it. Our grand opening is January 27th (complete with our friends from Lularoe, Sushi from across the street, Kalispell Brewing beer, and discounts on classes and retail!), and I am so excited/proud/nervous/amazed that it’s going to happen! I’m proud to share with you all my New Years Resolution. Sure I have all the same goals of doing more yoga, continuing my self care regimen, taking lots of time to work nights and ski days… but perhaps my biggest goal is to start writing down all the crazy ideas (ALL OF THEM), stop telling myself that they’re crazy, and open to the possibility of taking action when the time is right.

I’m opening to the magic of being in the flow, embracing my creative juices, and letting my freak flag fly. 
In light,

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