It’s your responsibility.

Raise your hand if you’ve put off self care this week already. Missed a yoga class… rescheduled a hair appointment… didn’t buy that new moisturizer because you can squeeze the last few drops out of your current bottle. 

I’ve been there. Up until recently, I was putting self care on the back burner on a somewhat regular basis. Don’t we all from time to time?

The key — and this is something that really hit home for me during our Yoga Teacher Training back in October — is that self care isn’t just a fun thing to do with our girlfriends at the spa once a year. 

Self-care is our responsibility as women. As men. As moms and dads. As wives and husbands. As human beings. 

To be clear: I’m not suggesting you piddle away all your savings on spa treatments. Rather, the simple act of caring for yourself — even making a ritual out of honoring your morning cup of coffee, without any other distractions — can be extremely powerful, mentally. Self care switches something in your brain for the better, and has the power to shift your entire day, week, month, year.

For me, the biggest change I made a few months ago was not checking ANYTHING on my phone other than turning off an alarm for the first hour of my day. No emails, no Facebook… just routines as they should be, without screen time. It has made a profound impact on my well-being and productivity!

Sending you warm wishes, and a heart-felt namaste,

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