The art of receiving abundance…

You guys, it’s been a wild month on the homestead, and my husband Sean and I have a lot to be grateful for — our health, our home, our businesses and our family. And with all this thankfulness going on, I want to talk for a moment about the art of receiving abundance. 

I was listening to one of my favorite inspirational podcasts the other day, and the topic was on “Receiving Mode.” Essentially, we get what we ask for — so long as our vibration… our energetic “tuning”… is in alignment, ready to receive what it is we need. 

So many times, when we pray, or ask for help, or admit that we even need help in the first place, we’re asking from a place of scarcity. “I need good health, even though I know I’m not going to get it.” That statement hold a vibration of negativity — and a vibration of scarcity. Instead, try “I need good health to move forward with abundance and integrity with my current career.” Affirmations like this need to hold a vibration that is the SAME vibration of what you need. And when those two things are in alignment with unwavering faith that you are deserving and ready, you are truly in receiving mode… and the abundance flows in.

And this is just an example from my life. Take from it what you need to hear — I’m just so unabashedly happy right now, feeling gratitude and abundance. Maybe you can find some too.

Recently, Sean was told via a rough month of doctor’s visits that after a CT scan, he has a small pulmonary embolism. This small blip on his scan sent our family into a tailspin. PEs are serious business, and if medication like blood thinners enter the picture, especially because he has Lupus, physical activity (namely his career as a professional snowboarder) would be severely altered. Or non-existant. Essentially, life as the Busbys know it would change drastically.

So, I began asking for a miracle. I wrote it down over and over and over. I need Sean to be able to continue snowboarding. Even in moments when I had a hard time believing it was even possible because of that stupid blood clot, I would shake myself and ask, What do you have to lose by trusting in the possibility? I was so ready to receive good news… my vibration was in alignment with the ask. 

Many many doctors appointments, second opinions, and a trip to Baltimore to see the best Lupus doctor in the nation later, we had the CT scan re-read by the team at Johns Hopkins. And wouldn’t you know: Sean got a call yesterday from the doctor to say they DIDN’T SEE ANY BLOOD CLOTS on the scan. Totally clear. The same scan as before — with fresh eyes and a new perspective. 

This faith. This perseverance. This journey. This is yoga, you guys. Call it what you want — coincidence, maybe? Sure. Maybe that word resonates with you. For me? It’s a miracle. It’s a miracle that came after a series of events that must have needed to happen. I believe positive affirmations and receiving mode lead to abundance in our daily lives… what do you have to lose by trying it yourself? 

Write down what you need in a positive way. Believe it can happen. Be open to the various ways it can find you. Watch for signs. Receive abundance. Eye of the storm, baby. I’m right there with you.

Come see us at Yoga Hive this week… revised schedule is below! Cat’s second Advanced Yoga Series workshop is coming up November 30th (join in even if you didn’t attend the first one!), and Andrea’s Courageos Self-Love and Self-Care series begins December 11th! Two amazing opportunities to put YOU first this holiday season. You deserve it!

Happy Thanksgiving,

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