If [yoga pose] is in your practice…

I’m as guilty as the next yoga teacher. You get to the end of a class and call a pose, and then call 2 or 3 up-level variations for the yogis in the room that want an advanced posture… and I use the phrase “If headstand is in your practice, go there…”

Years ago, that used to bug the heck out of me. When will headstand be in mypractice? How will I know? How will I learn? 

My gut instinct was to follow those questions with a statement: I’ll never be able to do headstand. I’ll never be able to do crow. I’m just not {flexible, coordinated, etc. etc. — a million other adjectives I was “not”} enough. 

Turns out, I was right. Until I wasn’t. 

That’s the key — if you believe you will, you will. Maybe not right away, but if you set your mind to learning a pose, you will. And here’s the secret: it doesn’t matter how “hard” or “technical” the pose is! Literally, set your mind to the goal, approach the goal with an open mind, and WORK. 

And if you’re ready to work on your practice and learn the tips and tricks to some of these advanced postures like headstand and crow, I highly recommend you sign up for Cat’s Advanced Yoga Series, starting THIS WEEK. (More info below)

Baptiste Yoga has a phrase:

“If not now, when?” 

And I love it — it’s a challenge to all of us who come up with excuses or adjectives to explain why not… to flip that on its head. What would happen if we just believed YES. I am. I can. I will.

That’s my challenge to you — and when I return in December, I can’t WAIT to see your progress in your practice!


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