Psst… your Bad Wolf is showing.

I have had three people tell me in the past few weeks that taking a Yoga Teacher Training is on their bucket list. THREE! And when I asked each of them if they intend on taking our 200 hour training/immersion this October, the answers varied. Two were an instant yes… and the third was questioning whether it was the right time for her.

As I inquired further, a technique I read in Baron Baptiste’s book, “Being of Power” came to mind. (Great book, highly recommended!) As the topic of the teacher training was fresh, I asked her to sit down and write down her worries, complaints and negative thoughts about the situation — any and all running in the background of her mind. No judgement, no filter. These thoughts are the “Bad Wolf.” The survival mind, as Baron calls it. It says, “No, not ever possible. I can’t change this — it’s just how things are. I can’t deal with this. I am not worthy of this.” As she wrote, I reminded her that she’s listening not to empower those thoughts, but to separate so that she can begin to dissolve them.

Next, she wrote down any positive thoughts welling up in her subconscious. The “Good Wolf.” The part of us that often gets shut down because we’re taught somewhere along the way that happiness takes work… that worthiness is earned… that you can’t have it all because that’s not possible. It says, “Yes, go for it. I am ready. I am worthy. I can do this, even if I don’t know if it’s the right moment. Game on.” The inner sense assures us of our intuition, even if all outward signs point to no. This voice has energy and aliveness, expansive and peaceful, even amidst the fear lingering from the first part.

This exercise allows us to separate out which part of us — Good Wolf or Bad Wolf — is “talking” in a given situation, and which one is listening. At any given time, we are able to empower either one to take the reigns. It’s all about recognizing the situation for what it is, and having control over who’s in charge. (And if you ask me, Good Wolf is my favorite friend to have along for the ride!)

In the end, she decided to take the leap. Good Wolf wins… no turning back!

If this resonates with you and your own bucket list, I’d love to schedule time to chat with you about the infinite possibilities that a 200 hour teacher training can provide… AND, I’m so excited to announce that our early bird pricing has been EXTENDED to August 1st! This October is going to be a whirlwind — we would love for you to join us.

Other fun things — this Sunday I’m teaching at Walking Lightly Ranch. Come join us for yoga and a pot luck in one of the most tranquil places in the valley! Details here. Also, we have another mala making workshop at the Whitefish Studio on August 1st… sign up on the app or online schedule, and you’ll want to reserve your spot soon — space is limited!

Have a great week, filled with sunshine, rainbows and all the happy things in life!

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