Are you ready to make a Mala at the workshop Wednesday night?

… or are you still trying to figure out what the heck a Mala is?!

Allow me to elaborate. Malas are meditation necklaces/talismans that have been used in conjunction with yoga for many many many years. Comprised of 108 beads, I’ve read that the number 1 stands for the Universe — your highest truth and connection to what you believe in beyond this earth; 0 stands for emptiness and humility in spiritual practice; and 8 stands for infinity and timelessness. As the maker ties each knot between each bead, he/she ties his/her intention into that knot — therefore sealing one’s own journey directly into the talisman. Plus, each stone means something particular — we have a whole bunch of stones to choose from that will suit your purpose and goals.

Perhaps the coolest part about mala making is when it breaks. Yes, I said WHEN. Eventually, whether it’s months or years later, a mala will break — and while our instinct is to mourn our beautiful work of art, it’s actually time for celebration! When a mala necklace breaks, it’s a sign that one’s intention has been served, and it’s time to cut each bead off and make a new mala.

Isn’t that a beautiful metaphor for life? 

Just when we think we’re broken — at a crossroads — rock bottom, that is the most powerful time for transformation, recreation and rebirth. Malas are a physical reminder of the cycle of life…

So are you ready to set an intention for a new phase in your life? Join me Wednesday night (TOMORROW! June 29th) in Columbia Falls for Mala Making from 7:15-9pm. $35 for 12-month members, and $45 for all other yogis. I would absolutely love to teach you this ancient art… feel free to bring a snack/drink — we’ll make it fun night!
See you there,

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