New beginnings…

At Sunday’s workshop, Gail was carefully tying knots to make her Mala (a meditation talisman with 108 beads and knots in between every one), setting an intention with each knot.

All of a sudden, she gasped. “I broke it!” she cried, a hint of devastation in her voice.

We all looked at each other and realized that sure enough, Gail’s extremely tough thread for the mala had split! We reminded ourselves that when a mala breaks, it’s not a sad occasion. In fact, when a mala breaks, it’s a reason to CELEBRATE. The intention that was set by tying each of 108 knots (or in Gail’s case, about 20 knots) served its purpose. 

“What the heck was your intention, Gail?” I laughed. She smiled and replied, “New beginnings.”

Gail’s ability to realize her intention was quicker than she anticipated — she’ll be making a new mala now with a new intention… a new beginning, indeed.

New beginnings are all around us — change is on the horizon in every direction, if we choose to let it into our lives. With Columbia Falls’ location opening in just a few weeks (ahhh!), the Yoga Hive team is prepping the location and the schedule to be a fabulous addition to the valley. 

Thank you in advance!

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