Roadblock, schmodeblock.

My best friend, Brit called me earlier this week to check in. We exchanged pleasantries until I abruptly stopped the conversation to confess I had hit a wall. After traveling nearly the entire month of February — to amazing places like Iceland, and running Riding On Insulin camps in 4 states and 2 countries — my creative juices seemed to have dried up. I was at a crossroads with tons of ambition for the future, but zero motivation to make things happen. My brain was literally busting at the seams with things I wanted to accomplish, but it was all so overwhelming that every time I sat down to work… well…. nothing.

Was my business mojo gone for good?

Brit said to me — so matter of fact, “Mollie. You don’t need to worry about taking the most perfect, correct next step. You just need to set your intention, and take a step. Just one. Any one.”

My first reaction was no way could it be that simple. But then my heart warmed to the idea of how such a simple notion — taking one step (any step!) — could get me past the road block, and back on the path to creativity, creation, community, and chasing wild dreams.

And I swear to you — I took a step. Perhaps the smallest one on my to-do list… but that step fired me up, and here I am today… crossing off something I’ve wanted to do for OVER A MONTH NOW: Write to you… we’ll see you on your mat soon.


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