There is no “i” in team.

As I rolled into the airport a few weeks ago, my eyelids were still heavy with sleep. The Delta attendant grabbed my bag and affixed a luggage tag to the handle, and kindly asked to see my ID. As I opened my wallet, dread crept over my body and I froze. 

My ID wasn’t there.

The piece of information that would allow me to get through security, fly on a plane, and rent a car at my destination was sitting in a coat pocket 22 minutes from the airport. 

I called Sean—my husband, who was driving home by this point, as I was trying not to panic. When I told him my dilemma (after a brief interlude of well-deserved wife-shaming) he sped up his pace, and set out to accomplish what would be a miracle. Forty-six minutes later, after a full body pat down and an in-depth search of my carry-on luggage, the TSA officer from the front counter sprinted to me with my ID and I ran to the gate with only minutes to spare before my flight took off.

Luckily, the gate is about 10 steps from the security checkpoint. (I love you, Montana.)

Sitting in my seat, wide awake and pumping with adrenaline, I texted Sean a handful of thank you statements that didn’t do the moment justice. What I really meant to validate was the fact that we make an incredible team. (And on that day, Sean was the shining star. Me? Not so much.) During the times when I need him the most – and even during times when I don’t – Sean is my constant, as I am for him.

And for all the times we want to smack one another, the benefits always outweigh the drawbacks of being on a team and being able to lean on one another during this giant Hunger Games we call life. 

As the holiday season is upon us, I wanted to take a moment to show some gratitude for another incredible team I have the opportunity to lean on this winter. The women who have gathered to teach at Yoga Hive are one of a kind. Or rather, ten of a kind. ​

Alexis, Ayme, Ryan, Cat, Christiane, Caroline, Frances, Nancy, Cyndy and Avis. Some teach more than others — some you may just see subbing from time to time. But as winter sets in and my schedule ramps as the Executive Director of Riding On Insulin—running ski/snowboard camps for kids living with T1D, life and yoga will continue to thrive here at Yoga Hive.

Keep an eye out for our new schedule (starting Dec. 14th), which will include a few new classes, as well as aerial yoga in silk hammocks! We pride ourselves on offering a safe environment for yogis of all abilities—so please feel welcome to attend any and all classes! In fact, I encourage you to take a class with one of the instructors you haven’t met yet. Each with their own style, they bring unique contributions to our community worth your time and your yoga practice. Did I mention free aerial classes next weekend? Pre-register online now to reserve your spot!

So as the holidays set into full swing and the snow (hopefully) starts to fly, look around and have gratitude for the teams in your life. As I recently read in, “The Law of Divine Compensation,” by Marianne Williamson,

​​”The purpose of every relationship is the healing of the world.”
Hugs to you and yours,


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